Eloywin Rastas Rayneir 1 aka 1 Done Moe INC./Talibdin Reggae Music Stop
Eloywin Rastas Rayneir 1 aka 1 Done Moe INC./Talibdin Reggae Music Stop

About Us: Our Dedication to the Rasta Life

Eloywin Rasta Rayneir sells more than beautiful things, although you will love our music and crafts. We promote a spiritual awakening, an unstopping rising of consciousness among our people. Owner Talibdin Shakir has been a serious Rasta practitioner for two decades. Read this page to learn more before browsing and purchasing our fine products. 


Rastafari Explained

First of all, it’s not all about ganja and dreadlocks. “The more people smoke herb the more Babylon fall” (Bob Marley). But marijuana (ganja) is favored by SOME Rastas as a way to enlightenment but it’s optional; not all Rastas use it. Some even eschew it because of Rastafari’s broader principles favoring health food as part of respect for the body and opposing “Babylon” (the industry and pollution of the white man’s society, which brought the blacks here against their will). We are a 100% LEGAL store. The dreadlocks are part of this all-natural approach to life. As part of Rasta’s inspiration comes from the Christian Bible, we take as our example Samson and the Nazarites, whose men did not cut their hair in order to preserve their strength.

In Jah We Trust

Rastafari or Rasta for short (not “Rastafarianism,” because we don’t believe in isms) is a new faith among the Jamaican people and African-Americans with two key historical figures, Marcus Garvey and Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.


Jamaican-born Garvey, an immigrant to the United States, popularized the back-to-Africa movement among African-Americans not feeling entirely at home in white America, although he never made it back. Eighty years before, freed slaves founded the west African nation of Liberia. But Rastafari draws its strength from an east African nation among the world’s oldest Christian peoples: Ethiopia. Garvey’s colors were red, green, and black. The royal Ethiopian colors of red, green, and yellow (gold), along with Marcus Garvey’s black, also signifying the noble African race, are those of Rastafari. The final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant (containing the tablets upon which God – Jah, short for Jehovah, in Rastafari), Ethiopia is the true spiritual home of African-Americans, and the homeland of Jah incarnate, the Emperor Haile Selassie, the black king the prophet Marcus Garvey predicted. Unbelievers say he died in 1975. We say no such thing happened. The messiah cannot have died. Before his disappearance, he visited Jamaica, instructing the faithful to liberate themselves before coming home to Africa. This self-liberation, from the white Babylon through natural and biblical living, is the cornerstone of our Rastafari faith. By the way, the name Rastafari comes from the emperor’s original name before ascending to Ethiopia’s throne.


The pioneer reggae musician Bob Marley was a great evangelist for Rastafari.

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