Eloywin Rastas Rayneir 1 aka 1 Done Moe INC./Talibdin Reggae Music Stop
Eloywin Rastas Rayneir 1 aka 1 Done Moe INC./Talibdin Reggae Music Stop

Eloywin Rasta Rayneir’s Rasta Products: Sharing Jah Love

Jamaica is famous the world over as a friendly tourist destination with a laid-back, colorful fashion sense. But at Eloywin Rasta Rayneir, Rastafari isn’t just a fashion statement: it is a religion, a way of life we want to share with you. Our owner has been a practicing Rasta for 20 years and is a reggae recording artist in his own right. That’s why we rely on ONLY the finest products and suppliers, from Africa, Jamaica, and the United States. Anything else would be Babylon; let the reader understand. So come to us with complete confidence and we will serve you with the finest music, clothing, and accessories you can hope to find in the Rasta universe. Contact us today with your order and we will get your items to you straightaway. Thank you for your custom and may Jah richly bless you for your generosity and good will.

Our Product Lines

For every level of Rastafari commitment from seekers who love reggae to dedicated follower of Jah, Eloywin Rasta Rayneir has products to please you, from African imports to fun items, all quality and all 100% legal:


Music: Reggae and fusion from ’60s classics to the latest talent from around the globe.


Clothing: Dashikis of all sized and colors for men, women, and kids; kaftans; long and short dresses; and Rasta casualwear (T-shirts, tops, shorts)


Jewelry: Quality African imports and fashion jewelry


Accessories: Everything from dreadlock starter kits to Rasta stickers.

Guaranteed Quality

All of Eloywin Rasta Rayneir’s products are personally approved by Mr. Rayneir. We have done business with Africa Imports, Rasta Empire, and our other suppliers and labels for many years. Your COMPLETE satisfaction is guaranteed.


Buy from us for secure, no-hassle orders and shipping. Contact us for details.

How to Find Us

Eloywin Rastas Rayneir 1 aka 1 Done Moe INC./Talibdin Reggae Music Stop
1604 4th Ter W

Birmingham, AL 35208

Phone: +1 888-418-7906

             or +1 205-206-9470
Email: TalibdinShakir@outlook.com

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